Cosmetic Procedures

  1. Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Lift
  2. Ptosis / Drooping Eyelid
  3. Brow lift
  4. Midface lift
  5. Tear Trough Rejuvenation (for under eye bags and hollows)
  6. Asian Eyelid Surgery
  7. Wrinkle Relaxing Injections
  8. Anti-Wrinkle Injectable Fillers

Cataract Surgery

Dr Kyprianou is an expert in the surgical management of cataracts. He utilises the latest surgical techniques and technologies to achieve excellent results significantly improving vision for his patients.

His current technique involves a microincision sutureless approach which when combined with modern intra-ocular lens technology achieves excellents results in visual acuity improvement for patients.

Functional Procedures

  1. Dacryocystorhinostomy for watery eyes
  2. Jones Tube placement for watery eyes
  3. 'Lump and Bump' Removal
  4. Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Management
  5. Orbital Surgery; orbital biopsies, orbital decompression